Welcome to EPA’s PN iWriter. This on-line application enables you to produce a Public Notification (PN) that complies with federal regulations for violations of the National Primary Drinking Water Regulations or other situations that require public notification.   Check with your state for any additional requirements that may apply.

In order to generate a notification, you will need the following basic information about the violation or situation:

  • the contaminant(s) of concern
  • the contaminant level(s) found
  • the date you became aware the violation or situation occurred
  • any corrective actions planned or already performed.
  • the date you expect to return to compliance or resolve the situation

The application will walk you through a series of questions to address what happened, what it means to your consumers, and what actions you have taken. You will be able to edit suggested text and add information.

Version : 1.0.10520.1651